Yoga Stretch Belt Thicken Durable Fitness Exercise Training Strap Yoga Resistant Strap




Size (L x W): About 183*3.6cm

1.extension with the general is also called yoga rope, can help muscles stretch and extend the residence time of the asana practice. I
2.beginners are not familiar with the general yoga postures, or to do yoga with difficulty, if supplemented by stretching band and other auxiliary tools,
as well as the guidance of the yoga teacher, it can be easy;
3.In practice the waist camber or leg stretch action, can be used as a foot or the waist to rely on force provided by.
4.Also can only by stretching belt buckle body field, let two hands can empty out, do enjoy the extension movement.
Choose the best choice of the double ring stretching band type.
5.Cleaning and durability: can be washed with dry wet cloth and wipe, can be rolled up for storage, and is convenient to carry.

Package Included:
1*Yoga stretch strap

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