Slimming Hoop Yoga Circle for Body Building With Stainless Steel Link Fitness Circle for Gymnastics Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Tools








Yoga Circle






【Sutureless fit, stable combination】 Removing circle upgrade, the fit of the joint is higher. LIUMY Hoop tyres weigh about 1.2 kilograms. Changed the material of the joint to stainless steel tube joint to make more stable. We have improved the stability of the whole body building circuit. the stainless steel design the buckle is precise. High level users can also enjoy sports, the use of slimming rings is various.

【Inner Circle Waves Design, Combine Fitness and Massage】. The inner ring of the hoop is designed as a wavy circular design. It allows you to massage your waist when using the slimming ring. The elevated position can press the waist fat and activate the waist muscle movement, which is very effective Burn waist fat and calories. Apply point pressure massage to your intestines and stomach while rotating the circle.

【Foam wrapped, soft and comfortable】. The fitness ring is fully wrapped with foam. It is soft and skin-friendly, provide cushioning during exercise. There is no hard feeling like plastic slimming ring. Do not cause any damage to your skin. Please note that the foam material is soft and it is easy to leave small scratches on the surface, but does not affect the use of Hoop.

【Detachable, easy to store and carry】. Our slimming hoop is a very suitable device for beginner exercises. It is a hoop with detachable function. Users of all ages can adjust the weight of the frame according to their own use. The 8-piece ring combination is sturdy and shockproof. The ring when split can be easily carried to outdoor sports. You can do sports anytime and anywhere. Enjoy Sport.

Package included:

1 * LIUMY Yoga Circle


1. Children must be accompanied by an elder. 

2. Please develop a scientific training plan. 

3. Exercise time is 45 minutes or less.

Additional information

Weight 1.591 kg