SAWAKE Outer Diameter 96CM Sports Hoops Stainless Steel Removable Adult Fitness Hoop With EVA Soft Foam For Fitness Sports Home Office





Product name

 Fitness circle


 Iron+EVA soft foam

Outer diameter

 96 cm

Inner diameter

 89 cm




1. Portable design: Sport fitness hoop consists of 8 pieces of detachable foam, which saves space and makes it easy to store and carry. It is very practical to carry this 1.2 kg exercise ring around the playground, in the garden, on the grass, on the beach, on trips or other places. (For your safety, do not train for more than 15 minutes)

2. Easy installation: when you hear a click, it means that the two parts are locked. When installing the last section, place the Sport Fitness adult rim up, align the two pieces, press the button to add and press the connection location. When you hear the ‘click’, it means the fitness hoop is securely installed. Do the same when removing.

3. Suitable for beginners: the total weight reaches 1.2 kg, the outer diameter of the ring is 96 cm, the inner diameter of the ring is 89 cm. The size and weight are best suited for fitness beginners. (P.S.The foam is elastic. If the foam length is not enough after installation, you can stretch it

4. Soft and Skin-friendly Material: Each part of the fitness circle is made of soft and pleasant to the touch EVA foam material, which reaches a thickness of 6mm. This foam material has a significant massage effect during training, which can effectively reduce sports injuries and does not absorb sweat due to uneven stripes on the surface. Afterwards, it reduces the skin contact area and makes you fresher during your workout.

5. Washable and Recyclable: The EVA foam of the fitness rim can be removed and cleaned on a rotating basis. If, after a period of time, you find smell and stains in the foam, you can remove and clean the foam in each section. As the foam does not absorb water, dry it with a dry towel after washing.

Package included:

1x Fitness Hoop

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg