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Material PVC, carbon stee
Color Blue


Pelvic Floor Muscle Medial Trainer is suitable for woman to sculpt hips, legs, thighs and butt. It can improve the blood system of lower limb muscles
and hips, make hips and lower limbs more flexible and promote activities, and it is easier to achieve the beautiful hip effect and keep the pelvis healthy. Not only will it exercise your hip, but also good for your waist and leg muscles.
– EXCELLENT MATERIAL & ERGONOOMIC DESIGN pelvis muscle exerciser is made of durable PVC environmental friendly material
and thick carbon steel. Gear adjuster, freely adjustable elasticity, strong elasticity, more durable, Memory stretch steel, long used
without deformation. The elastic strength is adjustable to suit for women of different ages. The outer layer is PVC soft rubber,
which fits tightly to the inner thighs, anastomosis pelvic floor muscle sends force, make hip is tightened, hip is
– SIGNIFICANT EFFECT: Use with Pilates and Yoga, the easiest way to train for 2-3 groups in 1 minute every day, then you can have a tight hip
in 4 weeks. Use this product for 5 minutes is equal to jogging for 30 mins. 7 days and you will feel the tightness of your muscles. This device
is recommendable for people who want to work out in the gym, or who wants to train at home.
Hip training fits women who want to shape the beautiful hips, women who work sedentary, postpartum mothers, are worried about the flatness of
the hips. Ass tightness will make us younger and more beautiful. It's easy to carry with and can be used in a variety of venues, such as office,
home, outdoor and so on., let you have a charming body.
– BEST AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If you still have questions after your purchase, please contact us by e-mail. we will try our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution. Get your hip trainer now!

Package included:
1 x Hip Trainer

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