Mumian A05 Classic Bamboo Knee Knitting Warm Sports Knee Pad Knee Sleeve Brace – 1PC





Brand: Mumian
Model: A05
Color: Grey
Material:  Bamboo charcoal fiber 40% Nylon 25% Spandex  10% Latex 25%                  
Size: S (32-36cm),M (36-40 cm), L (40-44 cm)
Application: Autumn and winter to keep warm, knee pain, discomfort, mild contusion/sprain, arthritis, outdoor mounta


1.Outer use woven materials imported from Taiwan, comfortable and soft                  
2.Joints tightening design accord with human body engineering principle                  
3.All play weaving section fit closely parts is not easy to shift                      
4.Boneless design fit the skin more comfortable                                       
5.Lining for Taiwan nanliang group NANO BOMBOO bamboo charcoal fiber manufacturing, contact with the skin, can play the effect of bamboo charcoal

Package Included:
1* Knee Pad 


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