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PU, rubber


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1. Pelvic floor muscles and pelvic correction instructor: Beautiful hips for 1 minute, firm pelvic floor muscles for 7 days, change sedentary posture in 4 weeks
2. Easily have four functions for firming skin: help reduce the pelvis, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, fully activate the hip muscles, and exercise the hips while walking
3. Only female pelvic floor muscles are needed: females have confidence, husband and wife life, physical anti-aging, gynecological diseases.
4. Female pelvic floor muscle shaping: shape hip line, enhance hip curve, have charming body to help women have self-confidence and beauty, thereby improving the life of couples, anti-aging, gynecological diseases.
5. Improve the postpartum mother’s pelvic relaxation, flat hips, sagging, etc. Beautiful hip clips can activate the hip muscles, correct the pelvis through muscle strength, and tighten the hips.

User’s guidance:
1. Toes open 40 degrees and heels closed.
2. Tighten the beauty of the upper part of the inner thigh. (Place the tight beauty on the bottom 3 ~ 6cm, clamp it with double strands, and then pull it forward. You should clamp the thigh firmly to form a tight posture).
3. While the thigh adductor is slowly applying force, use the medial buttocks and gluteus maximus to force the wings to close.
4. Exhale from below the abdomen for 5 seconds, then slowly inhale and return. Perform 8 to 12 times the throughput at a time. Like the inside of the part, the image is from bottom to top.

Package included:

1 x Hip Training Clip

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