KALOAD Electronic Abdominal Muscle Building Equipment Portable Body Fitness Toning Belt Hip Trainer





Usage Temperature:15 – 35°C

Adjustable intensity:15 levels
Countdown timer:23 min
Auto programs:Scraping, Massage,Acupuncture, tapping, combination.

– You can be in the entertainment, leisure, work, study, cinema, when the movement can be worn!
– Put one minute to do the equivalent of 30 times the muscle movement, wear it 20 minutes is equivalent to running 1500 meters,
  the volume of abdominal movement for half an hour, half an hour swimming.
– The power-on default is 0 strength, you can choose according to their strength training load.
– It can be applied to the abdomen, arms, waist, hips, thighs, legs!
– If you are a man, you will become a stronger man!
– If you are a woman, you can lose weight, keep slim, allowing the body to become perfect shape!
  The video is for similar product as described here.

Package Included:
1 × ABS Fit Machine
1 × Pad
1 × Storage board
1 × Usermanual
1 × Set Of Giftbox with PET inner tray
1 × Button cell battery CR2032

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