FED Indoor Abdominal Wheel Roller Non-slip Sports Fitness Buttocks Back Abdominal Muscle Trainer





Brand FED
Item FED Indoor Abdominal Wheel Roller From Xiaomi Youpin
Material PP+TRP+Steel 
Color  Grey+ Red
Weight 0.5 / 0.6KG
Size 30*2.8*2.4cm


– Target the core muscle group. Shape the whole body muscles and train the mermaid line more quickly.
– Environmentally friendly and silent. The outer side of the roller is made of plastic material. 
  When used, it is non-slip, no noise, and does not hurt the floor.
– Non-slip and wear resistant. Non-slip handles prevent the use of slipping and straining muscles.
– High strength and load bearing. The inside of the roller is thickened 
  with alloy steel pipe for effective weighing.

Package Including:
1 x FED Indoor Abdominal Wheel Roller

Additional information

Weight 0.573 kg