[EU Direct] Bominfit Foldable Water Resistance Rowing Machine With Smart LCD Display 210CM*54CM*37CM Made Of Wood Body Fitness Home Gym Exercise Equipment





Product name

Rowing Machine

Rail Material


Weight capacity

120 kg

Maximum applicable height

190 cm

Product dimensions

210 x 54 x 37 cm

Folded size

115.5 x 81 x 50 cm

Seat dimensions

31 x24.5 cm

Pedal size

50 x 31cm


2 x AA Batteries (Not Include)


1. Real rowing experience

The rowing machine is shaped like a small boat to mimic the feel of a real outdoor rowing experience. With the gentle sound of rushing water, you can enjoy the real water rowing experience without going outdoors. The ergonomically shaped seat offers you a comfortable and optimal rowing position.

2. Powerful full body workout

This rowing machine is a total body workout option as it targets all the major muscles while having a low impact on the knee joints. With a sophisticated water resistance system, you can adjust the resistance to different levels by changing the water capacity. This is ideal for low-intensity fat-burning cardio sessions or extreme muscle-building sessions.

3. Aviation grade water tank

The polycarbonate water tank is 3mm thick and has high light transmittance, higher impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and longer service life. When using the rowing machine, the water level should not exceed the water level limit, prevent water from leaking out of the central axis. With a USB electric water pump and a folding funnel, it is convenient to quickly fill and pump the water tank.

4. Sturdy and durable frame

The main frame is made of high quality oak wood, which makes the rowing machine very durable and can support up to 120 kg. The seat has a dual-track 8-wheel design, which is smooth and quiet, stable and does not wobble.

5. Mobile phone / tablet holder and VR glasses

An additional equipment rack above the display console allows you to position your phone or tablet to watch fitness videos for a more relaxed and encouraging workout.

6. Track your training data

LCD can monitor your real-time time, speed, calorie consumption and total exercise total to get better exercise effect. Via Bluetooth connection, the training data can be transferred to your mobile phone for better tracking and recording.

7. Safe pedals & easy storage

Equipped with adjustable non-slip foot pedals, this machine can prevent your feet from slipping during the intense rowing process and ensure a safe workout. The configured transport wheels can be easily moved so that the rowing machine can be easily transported to any location and stored upright on the wall when not in use.

Package included:

1x Rowing Machine

Additional information

Weight 30 kg