Core Sliders Workout Gym Exercise Training Fitness Gliders Slide Block Discs





Shape Round
Color Blue/Black/Pink
Type Gliding Discs
Material ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic

-Double-Sided Core Sliding Discs.
-Work great on carpet and hard floors.
-You can take them anywhere with you while travelling.
-Whole body workout to hit all parts of your body.
-Lightweight, portable and easy to use.
-Sport-Specific training with the fitness gliding discs you can train to a big variety of sports like: Skiing, Skateboarding, Surf, and all the others sports that needs a bigger stability.
-Includes a convenient carry bag, to take with you to the gym, while travelling.
-Synergee Core Sliders engage your core muscles throughout the full range of motion of an exercise while introducing a balance challenge. The long, graceful movements are also a good way to increase flexibility.
-These small discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. If you are looking for core toning exercises, you may have found your secret.
Package Included:
1×Gliders Slide Discs
2×Resistance Bands(500×50×0.3mm,500×50×0.5mm)

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Weight 0.22 kg

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