Beatles Portable Mini Speaker Defense Personal Alarm Key Chain With LED Flashlight For Women





Sometime, A small device could have a great significance in one's life, even save one' life.
If every one could pay attention to it and carry on one, then a lot of pity will be no longer in existence. 
Also a good present for kids, elderly and friends.

Loudness: 130 dB
Powered by 4 LR44 button batteries (included)
Sound:Can be used as a speaker
LED flashlight: Red and blue flashlight


Convenient to use and carry, low power consumption, ultra-loud alarm.
Simple and effective personal safety device.
Ideal for night shift workers, ladies, elderly, disabled, joggers, and those traveling alone.
When in danger, simply pull out the pin attached to the keychain to set off the alarm, the alarm will deliver an ultra-loud siren.
When loudness of siren decreases, unscrew the battery cover on back of alarm to replace with new batteries of the same kind.

Package Included:
1*Personal alarm
1*USB cable
1*Audio cable
1*Safety pin ring




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Weight 0.163 kg