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Item Name

 Fitness Sit up Machine




 PU,Leather, excellent steel




✔Waist pillow,The soft pillow protects your waist during exercise, which can be adjusted up and down or removed at will

✔Promote the circulation of qi and blood, regulate qi and blood, and relieve fatigue. It has a stimulating effect on the autonomic nerve trunks and ganglia on both sides of the human spine and prevents diseases.

✔Head Pillow,Massage the temples to relieve the local blood circulation, dredge the meridians and nourish the liver and improve eyesight

✔Wear-resistant, flat and comfortable lying feeling, elastic, sweat-proof, scratch-resistant, thickened and widened layout, more comfortable

✔Increase footrest foam,During exercise, the force of the thigh can be well cushioned, without pain, and increase comfort

Package included:

1 x Fitness Sit up Machine

1 x English manual


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