Abdominal Exercise Sit Up Bench Multifunctional Folding Bodybuilding Fitness Equipment Home Gym






Black + red


PU leather, steel

Bearing weight


Product size


Suitable for the crowd

Fitness men and women, postpartum mothers, sedentary white-collar workers, men who socialize more, muscular men, girls who want to slimming


◆Strengthen the leg muscles, create a sturdy thigh muscle, easily hit the elephant legs, and improve the lower limb joints

◆Exercise the upper abdomen, middle abdomen and lower abdomen.

◆Multiple purposes of one machine, thin waist and hip lift, multiple fitness exercises, wake up the body, your personal.

◆The fitness machine can be switched arbitrarily, and the slimming effect of multiple exercise modes is doubled.

◆ Breathable sports leather, air circulation, breathable sweat, comfortable fitness.

◆It allows you to exercise the entire core quickly and easily, while doing exercises that are beneficial to the intestines, helping you gain muscles and burn stubborn fat in the stomach.

Package included:

1 x Sit Up Bench

Additional information

Weight 9 kg