8 Section Removable Sport Hoops 37.4inch Portable Abdominal Exercise Slimming Gymnastic Circle Fitness Gym






Foam, steel


95cm / 37.4inch


Pink, red


8 section




1. Fun & Easy Slimming: We design our exercise hoop to strengthen core muscle, tone abs and trim your waistline while you have fun! Help you hooping in an easy fun way to burn calories, get fit and tone your muscles. Get moving, shed fat and get a flat stomach.

2. Massage Detachable Hoops:8 sections easy to assemble, and disassemble for easy transport to home, gym, office, etc. Massage design allows you to strengthen your core, back, hips, and legs to be completed with ease, ideal for men women to body relaxation, improve mood and spirit.

3. Enjoy Fitness Workout: Weighted hoops easy to keep around your waist, beginners also can spin with hoopers, family, friends. Incorporate fitness hooping into your fitness routine, enjoy full body hooping, help you improve your balance, flexibility, and mobility.

4. Long-lasting Weighted Hoop: Thickness surface smooth soft foam covering the stainless steel inner tube. Ensures absorbing sweat and comfort whilst working out as well as reducing the impact to help you exercise effectively, keep stable and spin longer.

5. Hooping Safe Tips: Hoop your way to a better healthy body please note: Combine your own body situation to add the appropriate weight of rice, sand, the ball to the fitness hoop. Do not hoop around your neck, use hoops before or after a meal and play with under 6-year-old kids.

Package included:

1 x Sport Hoops

1 x Ruler

Additional information

Weight 1 kg