4D Eye Massager 3 Modes USB Electric 180 Foldable Eye Care Massage Shiatsu Massage Music Rhythm Eyes Protector





Item Eye Massager
Type EM05
Material ABS, electronic components, silicone, magnet
Battery Built-in 3.7V 800mAh lithium battery
Color White / Pink
Continuous use time About 60min
Charging time About 3h
Rated usage time About 15min
Surface temperature when warm 38-40℃
Working environment temperature 0-40℃


1. Long press the power button for 3-4 seconds to turn on or off.

2. The default startup mode 1 after booting. Mode 1: Low temperature hot compress + high pressure massage. Click the power button for the first time, and on the basis of Mode 1, it is changed to an enhanced version: high temperature hot compress + high air pressure massage.

3. Click the power button for the second time to switch to mode 2. Mode 2: Low-pressure massage.

4. Click the power button for the third time to switch to mode 3. Mode 3: High temperature hot compress.

5. Click the power button for the fourth time to return to mode 1.

6. This product supports bluetooth connection. If you need to listen to music or other audio, connect within 3 minutes of booting up. Connection method: Turn on bluetooth on your mobile phone, search for bluetooth devices: em05, and just connect.


1. Multiple Massage Modes: It can be adjusted by a simple press; combined with intelligent air pressure and hot compression function to relieve eye fatigue, eye strains and dry eyes; the eye massager helps the user to achieve the desired state of relaxation, balance and rejuvenation.
2. Stimulate Acupoints Around the Eyes: The 9 strategically positioned airbags inflate and deflate to massage the Temple, Qingming, Cuanzu, Upper Ming acupoints with accuracy; this eye mask massager releases the tension around the eyes and increases blood flow for people with migraines.
3. Hot Compression with Constant Temperature – Soothing warmth for your eyes with 38-40°C temperate, just like a comfy hot tower; this heated eye massager enhances circulation and provides soothing relief from strains and tension around the tired eye; helps for eye strain relief, and reduces eye fatigue, eye bags, dark circles, and eye puffiness.
4. 180° Foldable & Adjustable Design: This 180 degrees foldable eye massager machine can be put in your bag for both home and travel use; enjoy ergonomic comfort and effective relief with the triangle nose support design; the adjustable head strap ensures an appropriate fit for different head sizes.
5. Heart-warming Gift Option: This exquisite and well-packed smart eye massager is an ideal gift for your loved ones and yourself.
6. You can play music by connecting to bluetooth, enjoy the ultimate while relaxing.

Package included:

1 x Eye Massager
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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