11 Pcs Fitness Resistance Bands Set Pilates Pull Rope Exercises Elastic Band





Material: TPE
Color: Black: 30lbs,blue: 25lbs,red:20lbs, green:15lbs, yellow:10lbs


-This multi-functional elastic rope is your best choice.It has the same training methods as dumbbells and is very portable, either in place or fixed to the door.It’s powerful enough to stimulate your muscles.

-There are 5 different sizes of tension rope.Different colors of tension rope will have different pounds, Black: 30lbs,blue: 25lbs,red:20lbs, green:15lbs, yellow:10lbs

-High strength metal hook, safe and stable, good load-bearing capacity, high quality foam handle, anti-skid, sweat absorption, easy to clean.

-This product is equipped with foot ring, door buckle and storage bag, which can carry out various exercise postures and achieve different exercise results

-Use stretch rope to train your muscles, so that the muscles are always in a state of tension and exertion, weightt

loss, fitness, fitness, the best choice.

-Create pure physical weightt loss and get rid of obesity.Modifying muscle lines, shaping perfect body.

-Adjustable pull rope according to your needs to reduce or increase the number of pull ropes.

-Suitable for any level of fitness exercisers, so that you can conduct the most extensive resistance training at home.


Package Included:

5× Tension Band

2× Ankle Strap

2× Grip

1 x Door Anchor

1 × Tote Bag or  1 × Tension band

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg

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