1 Pair S-shaped Push-up Stand Sit-ups Home Arm Abdominal Muscle Training Fitness Equipment Exercise Tools




Product name Sit-ups push-ups
Colour Black
Product material PP pvc foam cotton, electrophoresis steel pipe
Scope of application Outdoor, office, family
Size 11.5cm * 12.5cm
Color High-end pure black
Quantity One pair
1. The thick foam could work well when you are expanding the belly and chest
2. This pushup stand could effectively exercise and enhance the belly muscle
3. The detachable design makes it easy to carry along
4. The foam handle offers a firm and comfortable hold, while the foam covering four corners increases the area touching the floor
     and the friction
5. It could do a great job when doing push-ups

Package included:
1 Pair x Push-up Stand

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Weight 0.7 kg